Welcome to the website of the Alison Fracella Research Trust (AFRT).
We are a registered UK charity, formed in 2005 specifically for the funding of research, treatment and elimination of a particular brain tumour known as Glioblastoma. We exist for sufferers, families and all health professionals dedicated to the treatment and care for this form of brain tumour, but recognise that all forms of brain tumour are worthy of further analysis, research and information dissemination.

Following personal tragic experience, we decided to establish this charity and to immediately make available to others any knowledge that we had gained.

On our journey, as a suffering family and group of friends, we found it virtually impossible to go to a “one stop shop” to find out more about a condition that we had never previously heard of. We hope therefore that this web-site in some way overcomes the previous shortfalls we encountered and that this single repository of information provides knowledge that all people connected with brain tumours crave for.

Is this just another web-site? Yes and we make no apologies for that. Is it accurate? Yes, it needs to be. Is it useful? That is for others to determine, but remember that brain tumours wait for no one. Speed is paramount in diagnosing and treating any form of brain tumour. Therefore having one point of  reference in a web-site like this facilitates that speed.

We welcome additional content, technical support, funding, applications for research sponsorship and advice in order that we may all improve our global understanding of this tragic condition. We really are dedicated to and passionate about passing on all information concerning Glioblastoma and we are determined to provide as much support as possible to sufferers and their families.

Registered Charity Number - 1109426
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 If there is one thing that we have learnt from our experience it is the need for Speedy and Accurate Diagnosis. Get a scan, get a second opinion, don’t waste time. Brain Tumours wait for no one. They are in complete control of the situation and the challenge is always to get ahead of them in the race. This is not easy and in many cases is unsuccessful or impossible. But the effort from all parties should always be focused at fighting the Tumour, not any bureaucratic system.

The health professionals that deal with brain tumours are incredibly talented people, but their knowledge is just not available at all levels of any health service. The challenge therefore is to get through the initial first level health provision, normally provided by your doctor, to the next level which will involve specialists and very technical equipment.


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