An interdisciplinary team (neurosurgeons, clinical and medical oncologist, diagnostic and interventional neuroradiologists, neuro-pathologist) must collaborate in order to agree upon the diagnosis and together implement the optimal, individualised treatment strategy for every case in conjunction as well as with allied services (Physical/Occupational therapy, Social work, Psychology) that will play an important role in the maintenance of the best quality of life.

Before agreeing on a treatment regimen, thorough counselling is highly recommended regarding available treatment options, the possibly benefits, and how far the surgical prognosis can match personal expectations

The correct treatment depends on the nature, size and location of the tumour, on the clinical condition of the patient and on the age.

The options available are: neurosurgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, but is strongly encouraged to provide the patient with more treatment options, which unfortunately are  not available in all the Oncology Centres but only in the Major Research ones, offering the possibility of being enrolled in a clinical trials that are designed to evaluate the effectiveness of promising new treatments with potential benefit.

The Alison Fracella Research Trust supports such work at The Royal Marsden Hospital.  You can see a report on this work here. Other organisations are carrying out research in this area.  Recently The Institute of Cancer Research published a report relating to mechanisms behind childhood glioblastoma. Their work may lead to clinical trials within two to three years.

Unfortunately right now it is not possible “to cure” most of brain tumours because their infiltrative partner in the surrounding tissue and their intrinsic resistance to treatments, besides the difficulty found by most of the drugs to cross the blood brain barrier (BBB).

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