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What is a Brain Tumour?
WHO Classification

The symptoms of a brain tumour can develop gradually or quickly depending on the type of tumour. Headaches are a common symptom, but usually not the only symptom. Changes in personality and having a seizure (fit) are other general symptoms.

A brain tumour can also lead to increased pressure in the skull. The main symptoms of this are headaches, sickness, vomiting and confusion.

Other symptoms depend on the position of the tumour, and how it prevents that part of the brain from working properly. Tumours in the cerebrum can cause weakness on one side of the body, problems with speech, vision and memory. Tumours in the cerebellum, and in the brain stem, can lead to problems with coordination, walking and unsteadiness.

A tumour in the pituitary gland can cause different hormone related symptoms, such as infertility but can also cause tunnel vision. A tumour that affects the hearing nerve causes hearing loss.

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