Mixed Gliomas
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Astrocytic Tumours
Oligodendroglial Tumours
Mixed Gliomas

Mixed gliomas are a group of tumours arising from the various cells comprising the supportive brain tissue.  They may either appear directly at any level of malignancy, or may progress in malignancy.  According to the WHO classification, they may be divided into:

1. Mixed oligoastrocytoma (WHO grade II) 

2. Anaplastic (malignant) oligoastrocytoma (WHO grade III) 

3. Others (e.g. ependymo-astrocytomas) 

Treatment: depends entirely on the histological composition of the tumour and the predominance of one or the other component.

Prognosis: an oligodendroglial component often confers a better prognosis due to increased sensitivity to chemotherapy.

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