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ď[Your MPís Name]

Member for [Constituency]

House of Commons




Dear [MPís Name Ė you can use their first name or be more formal if you wish],

I am one of many people in your constituency who has been affected by a brain tumour. I am writing to seek your support in making a real difference, by signing Early Day Motion (EDM) number 996.

The EDM has been tabled by the Right Hon James Arbuthnot MP, chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Brain Tumours. The EDM invites you to support a Manifesto for everyone affected by a brain tumour, recently launched at the Houses of Parliament by Brain Tumour UK (www.braintumouruk.org.uk) and its charity partners.

My experience of a brain tumour is [through the Alison Fracella Research Trust, a trust I have known for many years. I knew Alison and her family very well and it was so sad that Alison, a beautiful young girl in her prime years was taken away from us by a brain tumour known as Glioblastoma, for which there is no known cure. Funding and awareness for brain tumour research is poor and disproportionate and is something we are all trying to address [or you can add your own story here, focusing on the main issues that have affected you or those you know. If there have been particular problems in your MPís constituency, do highlight those so she/he is aware of them].

Those of us affected by a brain tumour desperately need your support:

         16,000 people each year are diagnosed with a brain tumour in the UK;

         brain tumours claim more children and young adults than any other cancer; and

         20% of all cancers spread to the brain.

I very much hope that you will sign the EDM and consider joining the All Party Parliamentary Group on Brain Tumours. I look forward to hearing from you.Ē

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