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Medical Management
Allied Services
Radiation Therapy

Different chemotherapy drugs old and most recent are available. Their intent is to kill/freeze cancer cells for a certain amount of time.

The use of a single or a combination of agents that can be given in association, before, later or in alternative of RT depends by several factors that include the type/grading of tumour and the clinical features/age of the patient.

The most common agents used in brain tumor are:

  • Alkylating agent:
    • Nitrosoureas: Lomustine (CCNU), Carmustine (BCNU)
    • Procarbazine
  • Alkylating-methylating agent: Temozolomide (TMZ)
  • Vinca alkaloid: Vincristine
  • Platino-based agents: Cisplatin, Carboplatin,
  • Anti topoisomerase II: Etoposide
  • Anti topoisomerase I: CPT-11
  • Novel biologic therapies under clinical evaluation: tyrosine kinase receptor inhibitors, epidermal growth factor receptor inhibitors,  farnesyl transferase inhibitors, antiangiogenesis agents…

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